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NOTE  The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) gave Bulb Forcing a Benjamin Franklin Silver Award in the home/garden book category. The IBPA, the largest not-for-profit trade group in the U.S. book industry, recognizes excellence and innovation in independent publishing with its annual Benjamin Franklin Awards, named in honor of America's most cherished publisher/printer.


“If you think you know how to force bulbs, think again. Art Wolk's book raises the bar. He deftly delivers the basics, exposes all the myths, and delves into every trick possible toward putting a little spring in an otherwise dismal time of year."

Tovah Martin world-renowned author of Tasha Tudor’s Garden, The New Terrarium, and A Time to Blossom


"Gardeners are known to force bulbs into bloom during the dark days of winter. The splash of color that rewards us as we trick spring into coming early bolsters our dreary mood. Art Wolk, in his new book, Bulb Forcing For Beginners and the Seriously Smitten, does the same thing. His sharp wit and playful look at the world of bulbs can make even the most serious of gardeners grin, and frankly, the gardening world can use more like him. But Wolk knows his stuff, too. With a list of credentials as high as a paper white’s eye, you might think him to be a staid bore, what with all that education and all those awards. Far from it; Art Wolk is the quintessential educator. He’s the professor that endears himself to you and makes you want to do well for all the right reasons.

"As if his ability to teach us the ins and outs of forcing bulbs isn’t enough, he is also an accomplished photographer and Bulb Forcing is full of more than 350 of his beautiful images. Many are so beautiful, they just might be enough to get you through the winter without actually forcing a bulb yourself. But by the time Art gets done with you, you’ll already be out the door and on your way to the garden center to find some.

"Why can’t all gardening books be this fun?"

Horticulture Magazine, Kylee Baumle




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"This is the most gorgeous new gardening book since Marina Schinz's Visions of Paradise (published in 1985). It is truly spectacular and the information is spot on."

Elvin McDonald, author of more than 50 garden books, and Director of Friends of the Des Moines Botanical Center



"If I had bulbs to force, I would force Art Wolk to force them!" 

Mike McGrath host of National Public Radio's "You Bet Your Garden" and author of You Bet Your Tomatoes, Mike McGrath's Book of Compost, and Kitchen Garden A to Z



"A wonderful book!" 

Martha Stewart world-renowned TV hostess, magazine publisher, garden-book author, crafter, and cook.


"With contagious enthusiasm, Wolk, who has won a Quill & Trowel Award for his garden writing as well as numerous blue ribbons for his bulbs at the Philadelphia Flower Show, gives a preliminary introduction to the five types of bulbs. Then, most important, he divulges his personally tested bulb-forcing methods honed through 30 years of experience. Never intimidating or dull, the book's clear steps for coaxing common and unusual bulbs into bloom are accompanied by compelling illustrations, including stunning two-page color photo spreads and cartoons, along with enough humorous anecdotes about mishaps to put beginners at ease. Few readers will go to the extreme of renting cooler space for bulbs, but gardeners will find other, easier tips for chilling bulbs so they will grow indoors, photographing them, and dealing with problems. Experienced gardeners will relish Wolk's insider insights about flower shows and enjoy his behind-the-scenes look at a commercial bulb house. VERDICT This funny and well-illustrated work is the best recent source for amateur gardeners on bulb forcing. Highly recommended."

Library Journal


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“Art's envelope-pushing entries at the Philadelphia International Flower Show are among the finest we've enjoyed. When I see Art Wolk at the show, I assume I'll soon be looking at blue ribbons next to his entries (and lesser awards alongside mine)."

Ray Rogers, author of The Encyclopedia of Container Plants: More than 500 Outstanding Choices for Gardeners, Pots in the Garden: Expert Design & Planting Techniques, and Coleus: Rainbow Foliage for Containers and Gardens


"Though Art's book has raised the bar for beautiful, thoughtful books, it has 'lowered' the bar by making bulb forcing easily accessible to all gardeners."

Felder Rushing, world-renowned author of Slow Gardening: A No-Stress Philosophy for All Senses and All Seasons, Passalong Plants, and more than a dozen other best-selling garden books.


"An excellent book. A must for anyone interested in bulb forcing!"

Lee Reich, PhD prolific author of best-selling garden books, including Grow Fruit Naturally, The Pruning Book, Weedless Gardening, Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden, and many more.


"Bulb Forcing is truly a treasure chest of down-to-earth bulb-forcing ideas. It's written in an easy-to-understand format, interspersed with Art's humorous experiences and comments. One of the best and most beautiful bulb books I have ever seen in my 50 years of being in the gardening communications field." 

Ed Hume, internationally-known author and owner of Ed Hume Seeds.


"I’ve been coaxing bulbs for more than half a century. Over the years, Art’s tutelage has honed my skills, and this new book takes the whole process to a higher level of expertise and excitement."

Nellie Neal ("GardenMama"), National Garden Association Editor and author of Question and Answers for Deep South Gardeners and Organic Gardening Down South


"Bulb Forcing is pure Wolk, who’s known almost as much for humor as for horticulture. This book has both, as well as bright and uncluttered photos. He has a gift for coaxing into bloom all kinds of bulbs that aren’t ready yet. It’s pretty amazing; not only does he get them to bloom, but they bloom beautifully, all together now!"

Virginia Smith, The Philadelphia Inquirer



"A wonderful book. Art isn’t just good at forcing bulbs, he is the master. In this lavishly photographed book, he humorously explains how each species can be grown to perfection in your home. If you love bulbs, buy this book, then go to the store and buy all the half-price bulbs they have left. In a few months, you will be surrounded by flowers.”

Jeff Rugg, author of the nationally syndicated column, A Greener View



"I enjoyed this book cover to cover. [Art] is best known for winning gobs of awards in the forced-flower competitions at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Although the main idea here is to share every last secret on how to get bulbs to flower inside in winter, the book also includes enough insights and tips to become a better gardener in general.

"This is one of top dozen garden books of the year."

George Weigel, The Patriot News



"Most of the instructions I've read for forcing spring-blooming bulbs have made the task seem either too complicated or overly simplified, triggering my doubt in their veracity. Finally, though, I've found the perfect solution with the publication of Bulb Forcing for Beginners and the Seriously Smitten. Author Art Wolk has put his more than thirty years of bulb-forcing experience and two Philadelphia International Flower Show Grand Sweepstakes Awards into this book. Few garden books break new ground, but Wolk has managed to do just that with "to the point" information accompanied by both his own excellent step-by-step photos and gorgeous examples of the final product. As a bonus, he writes in a humorous and conversational tone. 

"He goes through chapters with instructions for a range of bulbs, from the easiest to the most difficult, with advice on choosing varieties. Even with the easy-to-grow ones, Wolk provides information that will improve your results."

Maggie Oster, famous garden-book author and regional editor, National Gardening Association




"I just got a great new book, "Bulb Forcing for Beginners and the Seriously Smitten," by Art Wolk. It's loaded with info on how to force every imaginable bulb, with gorgeous photos by Wolk. This is a very practical how-to, step-by-step book that I highly recommend."

Bill Cary, author of In the Garden columns and blog for New York's The Journal News




"Art tells a wonderful tale here. He blends personal insights with solid information on the science that supports success. Notable for its excellent photographs and entertaining narrative, Bulb Forcing is sure to become the go-to guide for both novices and advanced bulb forcers."

Liz Ball, author of Pennsylvania Gardener’s Guide and Yard and Garden Basics



"I loved this book! Art Wolk’s Bulb Forcing has easy-to-access instructions, beautiful photos to inspire, and perhaps best of all, the author has a wonderful sense of humor threading through the entire book."

Kate Jerome, National Gardening Association Editor and author of The American Garden Guides: Oriental Gardening



"Art Wolk’s talent for explaining complex topics in an easily-understood manner is obvious in this book. Bulb Forcing for Beginners and the Seriously Smitten is a joy to peruse, and I guarantee a 90% likelihood that it will force a gardener on the fence into the world of bulb forcing. Great photos, informative and humorous anecdotes and priceless instruction are all included. If you can get your hands on a dozen or so spring bulbs to present along with this book [as a gift], your favorite gardener will be saying 'thank you' for months."

Jean Starr, features writer for Chicagoland Gardening Magazine and garden speaker



"A master at producing many pot of blooming bulbs for flower shows, Wolk knows all the secrets for getting them to bloom. This book contains beautiful photos, a liberal supply of humor and everything you need to know for success with forcing bulbs."

Jan Riggenbach,  Sioux City Journal.Com and author of Your Midwest Garden: An Owner's Manual



"Art Wolk’s book has something for anyone who loves bulbs. He shares dozens of years worth of tips gleaned from his hard-won experience forcing bulbs for his own pleasure and for prestigious events like the Philadelphia International Flower Show. The text is genuinely funny and a delight to read. The photographs are crisp and gorgeous, and some close-ups of forced bulbs are stunning.

Karla A. Dalley, Connecticut Horticultural Society Newsletter



"If you want to know all there is to know about bulb forcing, get this incredible book."

Martha Stoodley, All the Dirt on Gardening




"Wolk's amazing book will tell you all you need to know about any bulb you've ever thought of forcing. He also includes bulb that you've never heard of, or thought possible to force, and tells it all with great humor. Learn from his mistakes and his prize-winning accomplishments. His smashing photos enliven every page."

Ellen Spector Platt, horticultural lecturer and author of Garlic, Onion, and other Alliums, Wreaths, Arrangements & Basket Decorations: Using Flowers, Foliage, Herbs and Grasses to Make Colorful Crafts, and Natural Crafts from America's Backyards: Decorate Your Home With Wreaths, Arrangements, and Wall Decorations Gathered from Nature's Harvest




"A beautiful book, filled with opulent illustrations and enlightening, entertaining, useful text in Wolk's typical casual, lighthearted style, featuring his personal experiences. Hands down, the best, most complete book on the subject."

Ilene Sternberg, Garden columnist, Washington Post and Wilmington New Journal, and author of Perennials for Pennsylvania and Best Garden Plants for Pennsylvania



"Art's book is magnificent!"

Walt Fisher, (also known as "The Botticelli of Bulbs") garden speaker and extraordinary bulb forcer who reaches for and achieves bulb-forcing perfection at the Philadelphia International Flower Show.



“‘Forcing bulbs is a mood elevation that’s so easy,’ Art Wolk promises in his new book. ‘You’ll be able to produce mid-winter flowers’ that will brighten the ‘gloomy gloaming’ of that time of year. And he also promises to reveal a forcing technique that he invented. It has rewarded him with a ‘bundle of blue ribbons and silver cups at the world-famous Philadelphia Flower Show.’

“Wolk’s Bulb Forcing makes good on these promises and so much more. At a time when many new gardening books seem to be basically replications of older gardening books, Wolk has produced a genuinely distinctive book, at once instructive and beautiful to peruse.

“He comes across less as the superstar expert he is than as a friendly over-the-fence neighbor. For Texans desperate for blooms from the many bulbs that simply don’t work as in-grounders in our state, there is no better place to turn than Wolk’s illustrated, step-by-step help in Bulb Forcing.”

Dr. William Scheick, Professor of English Literature, University of Texas at Austin (Choice Award winner for Outstanding Academic Book, Pushcart Prize winner, and Center for Humanities Research prize winner)




"Art is an extraordinary grower of forced bulbs whose entries at the Philadelphia International Flower Show are usually accompanied with blue ribbons and crowds of visitors."

Jane Pepper, President, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and author of Jane Pepper’s Garden  



"Bulb Forcing is a lavishly illustrated manual that de-mystifies the process of inducing bulbs to flower in advance of the outdoor growing season. The best how-to books make you want to rush out and try whatever it is the author addresses. Wolk's book does that, encouraging readers to take risks, observe results and try new species and cultivars. Timidity, to the author, is a far worse fate than failure. I would never want to compete against Art Wolk at a flower show, but I would love to work alongside him at the potting bench. Reading through Bulb Forcing, I feel as if I already have."

Elisabeth Ginsburg, The Gardeners Apprentice, writer for Horticulture Magazine, The New York Times, Garden Design, and Flower & Garden  



"Art's book is totally wonderful. It's complete and practical, with Art's touch of humor. The how-to illustrations are remarkably clear, and it has stunning color photography. It's sure to become a classic."

Betty Mackey, renowned garden book author and independent publisher.  



"Art Wolk's passion for bulbs is obvious as soon as you meet him. His [Longwood Gardens] course, called The Art of Bulb Forcing, is the perfect combination of great information, practical how-to advice, and full-blown entertainment. He has a knack for getting just the right combination in the pot to dazzle any wintertime windowsill."

Dave Thompson, Continuing Education Coordinator, Longwood Gardens  



"Every year I have looked forward to seeing Art's magnificent displays of bulbs.  His entries have helped give the Horticulture display area at the Philadelphia International Flower Show its world-class status."

Andrew Bunting, curator of Scott Arboretum and Philadelphia International Flower Show Chair of Horticulture






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